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Home Product Intellectual property management script

Key Features

  City listings

  Search and advanced search

  Property gallery

  Featured projects

  Search listings

  Locality and category wise filter


  Featured agents list

  Typical description

  Property description

  Password Protected

  Site setting

  Map display


  Property category

  Securied admin panel

  Member management

  Property Managements

  SMS management

  SEO settings

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Intellectual Property Management Script

Introduction: Asset management script is one of the important part of the organization's strategy. It used to gather control all the digital and movable properties this will give the user overall view and make the user to make decision. It is used to manage and help organization more effectively and saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases and promoting the harvesting of existing resources.

Description: We have wonderfully Asset management script control for all the digital and movable properties details including Project Assets, License Details and Monitoring server details. It is one of the best scripts for both software and Manufacturing companies to control your valuable assets. The great advantage of the script which includes the Helpdesk, Various kinds of Reports & dashboard especially Active Tickets, Assigned Tickets and overall assets details

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$ 99

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The Features Is Here

A Web Design & Web Development company specialized in Real Estate Scripts with a decade long experience; we have been providing the best essential services to the entrepreneurs of all cadres with highest quality and the best supporting services. Though it is not possible to summarize and display all the competitive features of our specialized script, a few among them are .


Utilized PHP & MySQL in designing these scripts besides implementing AJAX based search. This script in Complete Open Source Code facilitates you with easy customization besides an option to Re-Brand the product.


Advanced Provisions for specialized endorsements like Testimonials, Frequently Asked Questions, Mostly-viewed properties etc., besides a Sitemap for easy navigation among pages makes this script unique.


Users can enlist multiple categories of properties in home page listing, whether it is residential, commercial or any other category, for easy search by the users concerned.


You can view your over-all Sales, Hit lists, User data, Membership details etc in a Single View, that too on your personalized dashboard.


The scripts are designed SEO Friendly from their inception, enabling higher visibility in search engines providing you with better conversion rates and hence higher revenue without any additional investments.


Pursuant to your purchase, we provide you with Free 24x7 Technical Support & 6 months of Free updates on the product purchased, within specifications.

Features and Functionalities:

We have some best feature for the managing script like,


Login is role based login user where admin have all the authority to view the details.

  • Admin login (full authority)
  • User login (specified authority by admin)
  • Staff login (specified authority by admin)

The entire feature to user and staff is specified by the admin


Dashboard will give overview of all the active tickets, assigned tickets, assets details and license to all the moveable properties. It will give over all experience of assets category with the pie chart visibility to give user friendly view. They some other features in dashboard

  • Total Project
  • Total Client
  • Recently added assets view
  • Recently Added Licenses view
  • Total license
  • Total Assets


Client management is easy to manage client issue. It is difference from all the client management where it is providing the list of client’s assets, license, project of a client and tickets with the help of this organization will get the clear view of their client issue and who have take the responsible action on that issue and what are the project the client have take in the particular organization


Assets are one of the important menus in the menu bar it will give list tracking of the properties like (hardware, server and optical fiber wires). This menu is under the Inventory, where administrator can also add the new assets by simple form submission. It will give clear idea assets modal name, serial number and related client.


License is user to keep on tracking all the software license pack. With the edit option the admin can view the license package name, category, serial number for the software, supplier and client name they have sold.


Give the list of project they are working to the along with auto generated tag number for every project we have added. It provide the start date and due date of the each individual project.


Tickets will provide the help desk feature to support clients, with help of this organization with keep on touch with the client and used to understand their issue. Here is some feature in the Tickets

  • Awaiting Reply
  • Active Tickets
  • All tickets
  • Ticket Auto-import from any email account.
  • Ticket Auto-association to users, clients and assets.
  • Use Escalation Rules to escalate tickets if they are not resolved within a certain period of time. 


Issue is one of the important way to get know all the works in the organization. Task of an issue, Bug tracking, Maintenance issue, issue assigned to the person or team, due date the entire feature where integrated in the single menu. With the help of the active issue the user and admin can view the Pending issue, in progress and Resolved issues. It really open service to known able the issue to the client.


It will keep on tracking the servers and network service monitoring. It will provide to the client to instant message through SMS and email about the server monitoring.


Reporting is simple form time sheet where the user /client can view the list of worked time of their project. So that it will provide mutually understanding to the client and organization.

Credential Manager

We are providing amazing feature to client and admin to enjoy the credential managing system. It will provide document of software password, important description and assign assets to the team member so that user will never forget anything.

File Storage

  • Keep all your files in one place.
  • Upload files related to clients, assets or projects.

General settings

  • Application name
  • Application URL
  • Company name
  • Company details
  • Log retention
  • Record to Display per Page
  • Default Asset Tag Prefix
  • Default License Tag Prefix
  • Password Generator Length
  • On the admin side there is feature called log is used to give list of Logged In to the system.
License For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.
Hosting Requirements MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache module, PHP 5.3 or higher, Linux Server.
Platform Wordpress 4.4
Server Requirements http://vsjhosting.com
Coding PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax ,HTML
Domain Usage Unlimited domain with source code
Payment Type One time Payment :- Once you send the full payment we will give you the entire script files to you, there after you don't want to pay any thing.
Delivery Time We will Send the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) And the scripts will deliver within 48 hours On Weekend(Saturday -Sunday)
  • John David – :

    I have searched with many vendors for intellectual property management script however not satisfy with that soon later checked script in PHP RealEstateScript, perfectly matches my requirements. Awesome!!!

  • John Hayes – :

    Great programmers and listeners too. Understanding clients requirements and moving further is interesting from you all

  • James smith – :

    All people worked with pleasure since my project last for 6 months and team never hesitate to answer.

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